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What is this new program?

The co-op package is a double or trio of different non competing businesses flyers willing to share the cost of distribution between them.

Flyer4u understand that some small companies are not able to spend too much money in advertisement. That is why we created this program to help reduce the cost of distribution and make your business grow.

How does it works?

In order to join this co-op package program every business must agree on the following: Targeting location,Date of the distribution,equal amount of flyers

(there is a minimun of 3,000 flyers per company).

How is it distribute?

We go into an specific area selected by the join co-op package businesses and distribute them in the same residence but place apart in each door (Flyer4u do not staple or roll the flyers together, but due to weather conditions(wind) flyer4u must staple and roll flyers with an additional charge of US$0.01 cent/flyer and client must supply us with rubber band, tape or staples)

How much does it cost?

The co-op package starts at $0.08 cents but it may vary upon quantity and location. For more information call us at (713)409-8012